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All leather is sourced from reputable suppliers and tanneries in Europe. Only full-grain, superb-quality vegetable-tanned hides are used. 

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Pueblo: Badalassi Carlo Tannery. Characterized by an intentionally rustic look and unique surface obtained by hand. It’s a classical oiled Vacchetta, produced following a Tuscan tradition that's considered the best tanning process in the world. Excellent for the exterior and interior of just about everything.

  • Medium firmness, supple feel
  • Deep, rich colors which patina exquisitely
  • Tumbled, rustic, soft surface
  • 1.4-1.5 mm thickness / 3.5 - 3.6 ounces

Buttero: Conciera Walpier Tannery. Characterized by a beautiful analine finish surface that makes this leather look very natural with a deep, rich color. Since the surface is very natural, it's possible to see some marks or spots that are not defects, but an added value. Great for wallet pockets and inner sections.

  • Medium temper, firm hand
  • Juicy, vibrant colors (hatch), and deep and rich colors (solid)
  • Smooth surface
  • 1.4 mm thickness / 3.5 ounces

Minerva Liscio: Badalassi Carlo Tannery. Characterized by a very natural and beautiful smooth surface. Classical oiled “Vachetta" made in Tuscany, representing the most historical kind of leather available. It has a soft temper, moreover if rubbed, this skin becomes more shiny and beautiful. The usage and time pull the best out of it. Great for checkbook/passport/Field Note covers.

Colors: Olmo and Black, 1.8-2.0 mm thickness / 4.5-5 ounces

Vegetable-tanned, unfinished: Vegetable tanned leather is distinguished from the others with a natural, unfinished appearance. Excellent quality and the base for the marbled panels I create.

  • Normal firmness, smooth surface
  • multiple thicknesses

Rocky (below, black): Conceria Walpier Tannery. Oiled leather, characterized by a beautiful, very natural finish with a deep and rich color. Rocky Leather is a pressed Sego (tallow) oiled Vacchetta. Tanning agents are obtained in nature mainly from flowers and tree bark. Used for belts.

  • Oiled leather
  • Semi-rigid temper 
  • Beautiful, smooth finished surface
  • 2.8-3.2 mm thickness / 7-8 ounces


Dakota (above, dark brown): Conceria La Perla Azzurra Tannery makes some of the nicest leather in the world; and “Dakota” is no exception. It has a silky smooth grain side and a tight, clean flesh side, perfect for belt-making. It's stuffed with just the right amount of fat and oil to give it a moderately dense consistency without feeling greasy or heavy. Gorgeous, finished edges are achievable as there is full dye penetration of both grain and flesh sides. Used for belts.

  • Oiled leather, buttery feel
  • Pull-up finish: when stretched or pulled, oils and waxes cause it to lighten in color and create a vintage/distressed appearance. A very sought-after effect for its rustic aged aged look.
  • Semi-rigid temper 
  • Beautiful finished smooth surface 
  • 2.8-3.2 mm thickness / 7-8 ounces
All products are hand sewn, using Japanese Vinymo and Crimson twisted, bonded poly thread. A quick run through beeswax prior to sewing allows it to grip the leather and sit better in the finished item. 

Back row from left to right:
black / natural (off-white) / charcoal / olive brown / moss / rust / chocolate
Middle row from left to right:
copper / scarlet / cranberry / violet / cotton candy / plum
Front row from left to right:
butter / emerald / pine / navy / indigo / teal / lead 

Solid, natural brass. Will naturally age and produce a beautiful, warm patina. 
Solid iron - nickel matte.
Solid brass - nickel plated.
PVD Black matte finish - Beautiful with black leather.
PVD = "Physical Vapor Deposition". A highly accurate plating process which produces an extremely durable finish to prevent scratching. Typically, black hardware that is found in the marketplace is not PVD, and is generally considered a black spray paint causing it to chip and scratch off within days. PVD plating is the process used to plate high end watch hardware, golf clubs, etc., and the only successful way to make a black that will not wear off.


All of the hand marbled panels are made with Professional Angelus acrylic leather paints. These colors don't wear off or crack. All marbled panels are sealed with leather conditioner and a matte (not shiny) acrylic finisher for protection and to ensure many years of use.